The Joint Health Supplement for Horses

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A total joint health solution that harnesses the liquid power of BioCell Collagen® TF

Jusuru Equine Blend™ provides horses with the building blocks their joints need in order to replenish what has been lost over time and from overuse. The result? A happier, healthier horse, even as he ages, and a shiny coat that radiates good health. Your horse deserves Jusuru Equine Blend.

About Jusuru Equine Blend

Give your horse the best. Give him the benefit of Jusuru! Our exclusive Jusuru Equine Blend is a clinically substantiated and veterinarian approved nutraceutical designed to meet the demanding needs of athletic performance and complete joint support for horses of all breeds, providing the essential nutrients for a long, happy and active life.

And that's not all...Jusuru Equine Blend has the added benefit of providing a shiny, healthy coat. That means your horse will feel and look great!

Jusuru Equine Blend is an all-natural formulation that helps to maintain the health and resiliency of joints, muscles and connective tissues, and to ease discomfort associated with a horse's daily exercise or athletic lifestyles. It replenishes the vital components of cartilage in the most common joints in horses' bodies, providing the building blocks their joints need.

Jusuru and the Science of Healthy Joints

Joint health is important at all stages of a horse's life-from pony to senior horse. Your horse's joints are vital to his health, mobility and overall well-being. When a horse's joints aren't performing optimally, health and behavioral problems can result, which can lead to huge vet bills and sadly, a shorter lifespan.

BioCell Collagen is Jusuru's all-natural, multi-patented joint and skin health ingredient. It contains a matrix of beneficial properties, including:

How Jusuru Equine Blend™ Works

Produced by a patented Bio-Optimized™ process that ensures rapid absorption and higher bioavailability, BioCell Collagen supplies the molecules in the cartilage between your horse's joints in the same proportions used in the joints themselves-but in a form their body can easily replenish and rebuild.

Download the product ingredient list.

The Flavor Your Horse Craves

Jusuru Equine Blend contains the proteins and fats horses love, and their bodies need. Natural rosemary flavor makes it a treat for horses.

A Scientific Perspective

Interested in the scientific perspective behind Jusuru Equine Blend™? Click here to download the document.

Also Available: Jusuru Pet Blend™
The natural joint solution for our pet friends.

In addition to our Equine Blend product, we also have developed Jusuru Pet Blend which benefits dog, cats and pets of all ages and sizes! Watch the short video below and I am available at 407-461-9581 to answer all of your questions.

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